Switched from Jumsoft Money

I like to track my personal finances. I tried a lot of iOS and desktop applications to do that. Finally I have made the choice for Jumsoft Money and used this app for the last two years. I can not say that this application was exactly I need but that was the best app for that time. The app has good design and it crafted very well. The only one thing I was really missing was cloud synchronisation. I was thinking to switch to another app but the fact that I have a two years transactions database stops me. Before yesterday.

Yesterday Jumsoft released a new version of Money app for iOS. After installing the update I launched the application and all my data was deleted. App showed me the first account creation screen. I tried everything even restore from iCloud backup but the new database file has been backed up and old one was overwritten.

After that incident I started to search for the app which has cloud sync. I was very disappointed with the quality of the apps I could find in the app store and all of them are quite expensive. I even thought to write my own which will fit my needs. Maybe I will do that later.

For the moment I chose MoneyWiz and bought versions for iOS and OS X. App works pretty cool. It is not very comfortable for me to add new transactions and I can not say that design is beautiful and modern but it does the job. Cloud sync works fast and correct, the app has all required functionality to keep personal finances.

Well let’s see how MoneyWiz show itself in everyday life.

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